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"The Chihuahua"

The Basics:

Breed Type: Toy

Weight: 1 to 3 kg.

Height: 6 to 9 inches

Litter size: 1-4

Life Span: well onto sixteen years

Tail: Long, set high, curved over the back and tapering.

Ears: Large, well separated, carried erect when in motion and set at a 45-degree angle when at rest.

Body: Short, level back, well sprung ribs and shoulders well laid back.

Coat type: Have both short haired (smooth coat) and long haired coat.

Color: Chihuahuas come in various colors, from plain whites, to solid blacks and spotted, or other colors like silver, blue or gray, chocolate, fawn or tan, tricolor-chocolate, blue or black with tan or white markings, merle and brindled, and each of the colors vary in tone and shade. Any color or mixture of color. Available in all colors

Country of Origin: Chihuahua dog history is one of intrigue and speculation.
Trying to learn the facts is a bit like owning a Chihuahua, both fascinating and mysterious!
The origin of the Chihuahua breed is difficult to trace, as some is based on fact, some on documents, drawings, and pottery, and much is folklore.
The debate over Chihuahua history is whether they came from Mexico or from Europe.
Some believe that Chihuahuas originated on the island of Malta and that they were taken to other parts of Europe on trading ships.
European paintings dated around 1482 show small dogs with round heads, big eyes, and large, erect ears. They were a popular pet that were known for being companion lap dogs.
On the other end of the debate are those who believe they originated in Mexico. This is the most common theory.
Toltec carvings which date back to the 9th century A.D. show small dogs that had round heads and large, erect ears. Those dogs were called Techichi and they resemble modern day Chihuahuas.
These dogs were used in various religious ceremonies.
The Aztecs believed in appeasing the gods with sacrificial, blood offerings which included the Techichi dog for abolishment of sins and for guiding the spirits of the dead.
Many of the Techichi dogs lived in temples and the priests cared for them. They were believed to have mystical, healing powers and were believed that they could cure disease.
Actually, those particular beliefs do not sound too far fetched, as it is now a proven medical fact that owning and caring for dogs can lower stress and blood pressure, along with many other health benefits!
Though we will never know the exact history of Chihuahuas, we will always be glad that regardless of their mysterious beginnings, they now enrich our lives.

Grooming: The Chihuahua requires minimal grooming. The Smooth coat variety requires only occasional brushing. The Long coat variety should be brushed several times a week with a soft bristle brush. Both varieties only need bathing twice a month using a mild shampoo. Special care must be given to not get water into their ears as they are prone to ear infections. Check the ears regularly Brush your puppy’s teeth regularly and have your vet check that the baby teeth are not being retained. Some puppies do not loose the baby teeth before the adult teeth start to come in. This is usually between 5-7 months of age. If the teeth are not coming out, your vet may have to pull them out.

Activity: The majority of their exercise needs can keep itself in good shape by running around the home indoors with toys or play sessions. However, they greatly enjoy going with their owners and benefit from daily walks. Using a harness is recommended instead of a leash is best given their delicate neck and bone structure.

.Character: The Chihuahua is a very individualistic breed. They each have their own unique personality, so only a few generalizations can be made. They are commonly referred to as a "Chi". They are energetic, graceful, and display a human-like expression. Their life span is the longest of any size dog.
Temperament: This tiny cute dog breed is just adorable. They are bold, fearless, and highly protective of their masters. Most loved by the kids, it has apple-shaped head and big moist eyes. Healthy but fragile, it cannot tolerate cold weather for long. Meant for indoors, it scampers and barks a lot. Intelligent and oblivious to their size and capability, they are sometimes too brave. Generally speaking, they form close bonds with one or two person only. These dogs are eager to learn but usually people don't train them, as they are very small in size. Chihuahuas are excellent companions in the right circumstances.

Training: The Chihuahua can be difficult to train, but with patience, love, and consistency do well. They respond best to positive reinforcement Training can improve your relationship with your dog.
Chihuahuas can be housetrained by either the crate method or the paper training method.

Dangers: The indomitable spirit of the Chihuahua also causes problems when the little dog spars with a large breed dog, especially one with a dominant personality. It is best to always keep a Chihuahua on a leash or carried in arms so it cannot challenge a big dog.

Special Needs: Socialization, supervision with children and other animals.
Chihuahua Expensive breed?
All over the world Chihuahua expensive breed because these dogs are mostly of their rarity, size, alertness and a high level of intelligence. Chihuahua Breed is more expensive than any other breed because Average litter is only having 1 to 4 puppies, not 8 or more as with some other breeds. Chihuahuas are often delivered by Cesarean section and that's expensive! Puppies are small, and require lots of extra care.
Plus fact that his small size alone, will save you an enormous amount of money on dog food alone! & just about everything else you get for them as well. So all considered they are actually VERY inexpensive!
Reasons to own a Chihuahua Puppies
Lively and good watchdog – Because of Chihuahua do not trust anyone easily except his owner, when he see stranger, he will get suspicious easily, it makes him become a good watchdog. Chihuahua is full of stamina; you will enjoy playing games with them in indoor environment. If you enjoy pampering your dog, you should adopt Chihuahua puppies.
Brave dog – They are adventurous and brave in nature. They are not afraid of strangers or large dog. You can see how steady they are when they are stand in front of large dog.
A dress dog – Chihuahua fit nicely with pet clothing. As owner, you will enjoy dress up your Chihuahua with beautiful pet cloth. They need pet cloth because they cannot stand with cool climate.



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